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How To Use

Have questions on how to use Ascended Candles' products? Here are the more common questions asked by customers that soon became repeated satisfied members.

When do I use the candles?

Ascended Candles products are created to be used whenever the caster chooses. Magick works during night and day so the hour of time is irrelevant. However, if you're drawn to using the candle at night during a full moon or new moon for example, then listen to your inner guidance.

How long do I leave the candle lit?

The longest all Ascended Candles may be lit is no longer than 4 hours. Some believe the longer the candle is lit, the better and more powerful the spell -this is irrelevant. The length of time doesn't necessarily matter, what matters is how you feel after 1 hour or 4 hours. The rule of magick is when you feel the spell is complete that is when you can snuff (extinguish) the candle.

How do I use the candles?

Every Ascended Candle is made with the highest and purest ingredients to give you the best outcome. It is up to the customer (you) on how you will use the candle(s). To receive the most from your candle spell is to meditate while the candle is lit and focus on what it is you desire. It's best to listen to your intuition when doing magick to reap the best results. 


The customer must light the candle on a safe burning dish away from chemicals, drafts (open windows and fans) and anything that could catch fire. Do not leave a lit candle alone unattended or around children or animals. Safety is Ascended Candles' priority for every customer. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

This all depends on you. How bad and how soon do you want the spell to work? Every spell is done differently based on one's current emotions, thoughts, and intentions. The timeline is determined by your immediate focus and faith that the magick is working in your favor. The key to seeing results is to envision that your spell has already worked. Visualize that the magick has quickened to fruition with the help of the universe.

How do I break a curse or a hex with the Curse Cure candle?

The Curse Cure candle is specifically created to break any and all curses, hexes, and bad luck. The string tied around the candle is meant to be used during the ritual. When the candle has NOT been yet lit -untie the knot and lay it in your lap. When ready, safely light the wick. When you are ready, safely and away from the flame, cut the string, and at the same time, visualize the curse, hex, and bad luck is now broken. 


The use of the string is completely optional, but should be untied BEFORE BURNING the wick!

What Kind of Magick is this?

The magick practiced and crafted within Ascended Candles products by Melinda Kay Lyons is a cross between White and Neutral magick. All magick is done with the respect to the Universal Law of Karma, the Law of Command, and the Law of Free Will. No magick is conducted with the intent to take away another person's free will or to harm another in the example of curses, hexes, jinxes, death magick, necromancy (black magick), etc. No products are made with the intention to do harm to another. Melinda holds a tight understanding in the reflection of what one puts out will receive and will become. Karma has a funny way of coming back to those who do wrong. All products are blessed with positive intentions by benevolent Spirits, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Starseeds, and so on.