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 Let your power light
the way towards ascension

Best Sellers and Magickal Favorites

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Curse & Hex Cures

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Banishment & Protection 

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Money Manifestation

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Behind The Magick
Every candle and magickal product(s) are produced and crafted for the highest good.
No products from Ascended Candles are intended to curse or hex another. 
All Ascended Candles' creations are made with the best ingredients i.e.,
100% essential oils, pure soy wax, herbs, spices, crystals, etc. 
Melinda Kay Lyons (creator of Ascended Candles) firmly 
believes in and respects the law of Karma.
Magick should be used with wisdom
and metaphysical caution.
As you do unto others,
shall be done
to you.